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Autor Mundici, D. author.

Título Advanced Lukasiewicz calculus and MV-algebras [electronic resource] / by D. Mundici.

Publicación Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2011.
Descripción física XVIII, 258 p. online resource.
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Colección Trends in Logic ; 35
Springer eBooks. Mathematics and Statistics
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Trends in Logic ; 35
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Contiene: Preface -- Chapter 1. Prologue: de Finetti coherence criterion and ¿嫡siewicz logic -- Chapter 2. Rational polyhedra, Interpolation, Amalgamation -- Chapter 3. The Galois connection (Mod, Th) in ¿∞ 21 -- Chapter 4. The spectral and the maximal spectral space -- Chapter 5. De Concini-Procesi theorem and Schauder bases -- Chapter 6. Bases and ̐Ơely presented MV-algebras -- Chapter 7. The free product of MV-algebras -- The construction of free products -- Chapter 8. Direct limits, con̐Ơ奮ce and multisets --  Chapter 9. Tensors -- Chapter 10. States and the Kroupa-Panti Theorem -- Chapter 11. The MV-algebraic Loomis-Sikorski theorem.-  Chapter 12. The MV-algebraic Stone-von Neumann theorem -- Chapter 13. Recurrence, probability, measure -- Chapter 14. Measuring polyhedra and averaging truth-values -- Chapter 15. A Rényi conditional in ¿嫡siewicz logic -- Chapter 16. The Lebesgue state and the completion of FREEn -- Chapter 17. Finitely generated projective MV-algebras -- Chapter 18. E̐Ơ壴ive procedures for ¿∞ and MV-algebras -- Chapter 19. A ̐Ơ⳴-order ¿嫡siewicz logic with [0, 1]-identity -- Chapter 20. Applications, further reading, selected problems -- Chapter 21. Background results -- Special Bibliography. References. Index.
Resumen: In recent years, the discovery of the relationships between formulas in ¿嫡siewicz logic and rational polyhedra, Chang MV-algebras and lattice-ordered abelian roups, MV-algebraic states and coherent de Finettí鳠assessments of continuous events, has changed the study and practice of many-valued logic. This book is intended as an up-to-date monograph on in̐Ơe-valued ¿嫡siewicz logic and MV-algebras. Each chapter features a combination of classical and re¬cent results, well beyond the traditional domain of algebraic logic: among others, a comprehensive account is given of many e̐Ơ壴ive procedures that have been re¬cently developed for the algebraic and geometric objects represented by formulas in ¿嫡siewicz logic. The book embodies the viewpoint that modern ¿嫡siewicz logic and MV-algebras provide a benchmark for the study of several deep mathematical prob¬lems, such as Rényi conditionals of continuously valued events, the many-valued generalization of Carathéodory algebraic probability theory, morphisms and invari¬ant measures of rational polyhedra, bases and Schauder bases as jointly re̐Ơle partitions of unity, and ̐Ơ⳴-order logic with [0,1]-valued identity on Hilbert space. Complete versions are given of a compact body of recent results and techniques, proving virtually everything that is used throughout, so that the book can be used both for individual study and as a source of reference for the more advanced reader.
Materia Mathematics.
Mathematical logic.
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Mathematical Logic and Foundations.
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