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Mark   Año Entradas
On the black hill   2
On the bootstrap in misspecified regression models   1996 1
On the border of economic teory and history   1999 1
On the C*-algebras of foliations in the plane   1987 1
On the certain multiple definite integral / Boole, George.  1902 1
On the characteristics of animals   1959 1
On the Characteristics of Animals. I, books I-V   2
On the characteristics of animals. II, books VI-XI   2
On the characteristics of animals. III, books XII-XVII   2
On the Chasmops series of Jemtland and Södermanland (Tvären)   1940 1
On the choice of a power index   1999 1
On the choice of an exchange regime : target zones revisited   2002 1
On the chronological sequence of the coins of Boeotia. 1974 / Head, Barclay Vincent, 1844-1914.  1974 1
On the Chronology of the eastern Early La Tène Pottery   1979 1
On the circulation of the blood / Harvey, William, 1578-1657.  1980 1
On the collineation group of a normal projective abelian variety   1975 1
On the commonwealth ; and On the laws   2008 1
On the competitive effects of divisionalization   1994 1
On the Complexity-performance Tradeoff of Two Active Noise Control Systems for Vehicles     1
On the compositional nature of the aspects   1972 1
On the computational geometry of pocket machining   1991 1
On the connection between correlated equilibria and sunspot equilibria. J. Dávila   1997 1
On the connection between weighted norm inequalities, commutators and real interpolation   2001 1
On the connexion of the physical sciences   1849 1
On the constitution of church and state according to the idea of each   1972 1
On the constitution of the art of medicine ; The art of medicine ; A method of medicine to Glaucon   2
On the contrary : the protocol of traditional rhetoric   1997 1
On the cooperative Jahn-Teller effect in the hexagonal perovskite (2L) structure : a phase transitio   1976 1
On the cosmos   1978 1
On the credibility of a target zone : evidence from the EMS   2003? 1
On the criterion function for ARMA estimation   1991 1
On the crown   2001 1
On the cumulated periodogram goodness-of-fit test in ARMA models   1996 1
On the decision theoretic foundations of game theory   1992 1
On the definition of binding domains in Spanish : the roles of the finding theory module and the lex   1992 1
On the definition of word   1987 1
On the definitions of the trigonometric functions / Macfarlane, Alexander, 1851-1913.  1894 1
On the density of the maximum likelihood estimator   1996 1
On the derivative status of phonological rules : the fuction of metarules in sound change   1969 1
On the design of hierarchies : coordination versus specialization   1999 1
On the desirability of supply-side intervention in a Monetary Union   2002 1
On the determination of sediment accumulation rates   1999 1
On the development of income taxation since World War I   1967 1
Aspects of quantum theory / edited by Abdus Salam and E. P. Wigner /   1972 1
On the disappearance of superfluidity in helium films   1983 1
On the division of the earth's surface into geographical regions   1954 1
On the donation of Constantine   2008 1
On the drop of property / Montesinos Julve, Vicente.  1988 1
On the duty of civil disobedience   1960 1
On the duty of man and citizen according to natural law   1991 1
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