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Autor Joseph, Antony, author.

Título Investigating seafloors and oceans : from mud volcanoes to giant squid / Joseph, Antony.

Publicación Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier, 2017.
Descripción física 1 online resource (614 pages) : illustrations.
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Colección ScienceDirect 2015/16
Contiene: Front Cover; Investigating Seafloors and Oceans: From Mud Volcanoes to Giant Squid; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1: The Chaotic and Vibrant Seafloor; 1.1. Introduction; 1.1.1. Exposed Oceanic Mantle; 1.1.2. Reversal of Earths Magnetic Field; 1.1.3. Consequences of Earths Magnetic Field Reversal; 1.2. Discovery of Formation of Different Continents from One Big Land Mass; 1.2.1. Clues Introduced by Ortelius, Suess, Mantovani, Wegener, and Toit; 1.2.2. Hypotheses Proposed for Explaining Continental Drift
1.2.3. Arthur Holmess Proposal of Convection Current Cells in Earths Mantle in Support of Continental Drift1.2.4. Studies of Earthquakes and Mountain Building in Support of Continental Drift; 1.3. Evolving the Notion of Tectonic Plates Floating on Molten Lava; 1.3.1. Discovery of Volcanic Ridge Systems Snaking Around the Globe in a Chain; 1.3.2. Discoveries of Zebra Stripe-like Magnetic Patterns and Increasing Age of Seafloor with Distance From Ridge Crests; 1.3.3. Proposal of Seafloor Spreading Theory-Contribution by Hess
1.3.4. Plate Tectonics-Unification of Continental Drift and Seafloor Spreading1.4. Triple Junctions on Seafloors; 1.4.1. R-R-R Triple Junctions; Afar triple junction; Rodrigues triple junction; Azores triple junction; 1.4.2. The Only Known T-T-T Junction on Earth-Boso Triple Junction; 1.4.3. Difficult-to-Classify Triple Junction-Bouvet Triple Junction; 1.4.4. Specialty of Chile Triple Junction; 1.5. Rotating Microplates; 1.5.1. Clockwork Motion by Seafloor Microplates; 1.5.2. The 2015 Discovery of the First Oceanic Microplate in the Indian Ocean
1.6. Formation of Submarine Mountain Chains, Seamounts, Island Arcs, Mud Volcanoes, Canyons, and Trenches1.6.1. Seafloor Mountain Chains; 1.6.2. Seamounts; 1.6.3. Submarine Magmatic-Volcanic Eruptions and Island Arcs; 1.6.4. Magmatic Volcanoes Versus Mud Volcanoes; Seafloor mud volcanoes and cold-seep communities; Island mud volcanoes; Coastal mud volcanoes; 1.6.5. Submarine Canyons; 1.6.6. Subduction Zones and Submarine Trenches; References; Bibliography; Chapter 2: Secrets of Bermuda Triangle and Formation of Polymetallic Nodules; 2.1. Introduction
2.2. Riddle of the Bermuda Triangle Imbroglio2.2.1. Fire in the Sea; 2.2.2. Trawler Wreck in Witchs Hole Pockmark; 2.2.3. Methane Hydrates and the Bermuda Triangle; 2.2.4. The Role of Warm Gulf Stream; 2.3. Gas Hydrate Emission Can Drown Ships-Mays and Monaghans Hypothesis; 2.3.1. Laboratory Scale Experimental Studies; 2.3.2. Numerical Simulations; 2.3.3. Criteria for Sinking/NonSinking; 2.4. Carpet of "Dark Gold" Paved Over the Seafloor; 2.4.1. Devices Used for Collection of Polymetallic Nodules From the Ocean Floor; Boomerang Grab; Dredge; Box-Corer
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