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Autor Schmid, Wolf

Título uniforme Narratologiia. Inglés
Título Narratology : an introduction / by Wolf Schmid

Publicación New York : Walter de Gruyter, cop. 2010
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 B.Filosofía-Depósito  D13-1493    PRÉSTAMO LARGO  VENCE 15-02-21
Descripción física XII, 258 p. ; 23 cm
Colección Graduate
Nota Traducción al inglés de: Elemente der Narratologie, which is a German translation and expansion of the Russian work Narratologija (Moscow 2003)
Bibliografía Bibliografía
Resumen: Índice abreviado: I. FEATURES OF NARRATIVE IN FICTION 1. Narrativity and eventfulness 2. Fictionality II. THE ENTITIES IN A NARRATIVE WORK 1. Model of communications levels 2. The abstract author 3. The abstract reader 4. The fictive narrator 5. The fictive reader III. POINT OF VIEW 1. Theories of point of view, perspective, and focalization 2. A model of narrative point of view IV. NARRATOR'S TEXT AND CHARACTERS' TEXT 1. The two components of the narrative text 2. Ornamental prose and shaz 3. The interference of narrator's text and characters' text V. NARRATIVE CONSTITUTION: HAPPENINGS-STORY-NARRATIVE- PESENTATION OF THE NARRATIVE 1. "Fabula" and "sujet" in Russian formalism 2. The overcoming of formalist reductionism 3. The four narrative tiers
Materia Análisis del discurso narrativo
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Narración (Retórica)
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ISBN 978-3-11-022631-7