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Entidad International Study Group on Music Archaeology. Symposium (5. 2006. Berlin)

Título Herausforderungen und Ziele der Musikarchäologie : Vorträge des 5. Symposiums der Internationalen Studiengruppe Musikarchäologie im Ethnologischen Museum der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, 19.-23. September 2006 = Challenges and objectives in music archaeology : papers from the 5th Symposium of the International Study Group on Musik Archaeology at the Ethnological Museum, State Museums Berlin, 19-23 September 2006 / Arnd Adje Both ... [et al.] (Hrsg.).

Publicación Rahden/Westfalen : M. Leidorf, 2008
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 B.Filosofía-Depósito  MUS 252/22    PRÉSTAMO LARGO  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física xxv, 588 p. : il. ; 30 cm + 1 CD-ROM
Colección Studien zur Musikarchäologie ; 6
Orient-Archäologie ; 22
Contiene: Bereich I, Neue Funde-Neue Perspektiven = Field I, New finds-new perspectives. A Roman panpipe from Eschenz / Hansjörg Brem -- New evidence for the origins of music from the caves of the Swabian Jura / Nicholas J. Conard, Maria Malina -- Ancient Maya sound artefacts of Pacbitun, Belize / Paul F. Healy, Vanessa Rodens, Pamela J.A. Downe -- Sounding tools and symbols of office : early Iron Age clay rattles from Tarquinia / Emiliano Li Castro -- Sounding tools and symbols of office : L10621, a mouth bow from the Molina di Ledro pile-dwelling? / Emiliano Li Castro, Patrizia Petitti, Gemma B.L. Coccolini -- The Pompeii tuba/salpinx / Cristina Majnero, Roberto Stanco, Peter Holmes -- Les carnyx du dépôt cultuel du sanctuaire gaulois de Tintignac à Naves (Corrèze) / Christophe Maniquet.
Bereich II, Aktuelle Forschungen zu soziokulturellen Aspekten = Field II, Current research on socio-cultural aspects. The musical order of the universe : myths in the Huarochirí (Peru) tradition / Anna Gruszczyńska-Ziołkowska -- The role of musical instruments in sacrificial cults during the Shang and Zhou dynasties in China / Fang Jianjun -- Contrafactum in the ancient Near East / Sam Mirelman -- Iē paian : Apollinean music between myth and cult / Eleonora Rocconi -- On the mythological background of the lamentation priest / Dahlia Shehata -- Soundscapes of the Nubian Nile Valley : "rock music" in the Fourth Cataract Region (Sudan) / Cornelia Kleinitz -- Animal bells in early Scandinavian soundscapes / Gjermund Kolltveit -- Native and foreign elements in the musical life of ancient Egypt / Alexandra von Lieven -- Archaeological finds of "brass" instruments in funerary contexts / Cristina-Georgeta Alexandrescu -- Representation and reality in the late Roman world : some conflicts between excavated finds and popular images of panpipes, lyres and lutes / Graeme Lawson -- The auloi of Pydna / Stelios Psaroudakēs -- Warrior and musician : the lyre from Grave 58 at Trossingen and its owner / Barbara Theune-Grosskopf -- Coroplastics with musical representations in the sanctuary of Fontana Calda in Siciliy / Angela Bellia -- The Greek and Etruscan salpinx / Peter Holmes -- Angular harps through the ages : a causal history / Bo Lawergren -- The possible harp-lyre transformation in Minoan Crete / Martin van Schaik -- Tombeaux de musiciens de métier à Rome et dans l'Empire romain : quelques observations organologiques et méthodologiques / Christophe Vendries.
Bereich III, Rekonstruktion und experimentelles Spiel = Field III, On reconstruction and experimental sounding. SON IDO / José Perez de Arce -- Realizations in ancient Greek music : beyond the fragments / John Curtis Franklin -- The reconstruction of a playable replica of the "gold lyre of Ur" : a personal account of the reconstruction process / Andy Lowings -- Entrancing sounds : difference tones in pre-Hispanic double flutes / Susan Rawcliffe -- The clay trumpets of the Moche culture in the Ethnological Museum Berlin / Friedemann Schmidt -- Ancient aerophones with mirliton / Roberto Velázquez Cabrera.
Bereich IV, Methoden = Field IV, Methods. The investigative conservation of a poorly preserved Anglo-Saxon lyre from Prittlewell / Elizabeth Barham -- 3D-computed tomography and computational fluid dynamics : perspectives in the non-contact organological and acoustical research of ancient musical instruments / Arnd Adje Both -- Conserving the future of music's distant past : some thoughts on the development of music-archaeological conservation / Graeme Lawson -- Conservation and restoration of a prehispanic drum from the coast of Peru / Rosa Martínez Navarro, Victor Falcón Huayta -- Reading ancient Greek music in documents, images and artefacts and the practical application of music archaeology / Anna K. Boshnakova -- Sound boxes of ancient Greek lyres from Roca (Lecce, Italy) / Daniela Castaldo -- Le vocabulaire de la musique égyptienne ancienne et ses particularités / Sibylle Emerit -- Symbolic sounds and technical characteristics of Moche rattles from Huaca de la Luna burials, Peru (A.D. 300-400) / Carole Fraresso -- Reversing the abstraction of ancient music theory : the case of the genera / Stefan Hagel -- An acoustic analysis of La Salle's trading bells / Mark Howell -- Musique de l'antiquité en Chine : quand "soies et bambous" (cordes et vents) sont accordés sur les cloches / Véronique Alexandre Journeau -- Classifying Iron Age bells, pellet bells and bell pendants / Riitta Rainio -- Historical development and changing phases in the making and playing style of stringed musical instruments of the sarod family (18th, 19th and 20th century) / Somjit DasGupta -- A preliminary archaeological report on two lutes of the surbahar type (India) and an ethnomusicological perspective / Ricardo Eichmann, Lars-Christian Koch, Dirk-Roelfs Meyer -- Chineando in time : an experience in musical ethnoarchaeology / Claudio Mercado Muñoz -- Music making in a pre-Hispanic perspective in contemporary Guatemala / Matthias Stöckli.
Nota Artículos en inglés y francés; con resúmenes en alemán
Materia Arqueología musical -- Congresos
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Autor secundario Both, Arnd Adje
Ethnologisches Museum Berlin
Variante de título Challenges and objectives in music archaeology : papers from the 5th Symposium of the International Study Group on Musik Archaeology at the Ethnological Museum, State Museums Berlin, 19-23 September 2006
ISBN 9783896466525