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Autor Quagliano, James Vincent

Título Chemistry / James V. Quagliano and L. M ; Illustration by Richard Mikel

Publicación Englewood Cliffs, New Yersey : Prentice Hall, 1960, cop. 1958
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 Ciencias.Física/Química-Química Física  DQF QUA che    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Edición 1st ed., 5th print.
Descripción física XVIII, 854 p., XXIII : il, ; 24 cm
Nota Índices p. IX-XXIII
Contiene: Introduction -- Matter and energy -- Basic atomic theory --Symbols, formulas, equations, and calculations -- Valence, oxidation number, and nomenclature -- Oxygen, oxidation-reduction, ozone -- Hydrogen, the electromotive series -- The gaseous state: I. the ideal gas -- The gaseous state: II. real gases. Industrial units -- The liquid state and the solid state, transitions between states -- Water and hydrogen peroxide -- periodic system and atomic structure -- Electronic theory of chemical bonding -- Size of atoms, ions, and molecules, nature of ionic and covalent bonds -- Solutions: I -- Solutions: II -- Balancing oxidation-reduction equations -- Ionization and electrolysis -- Oxidation-reduction. half-cells -- Acids, bases, and salts -- Equilibrium: I -- Equilibrium: II -- Rates and mechanisms of chemical reactions -- The group VIIB elements: the halogens -- The group VIB elements: the oxygen-sulfur family -- The group VB elements: the nitrogen family -- The group IA elements: the alkali metals -- The group IIA elements: the alkaline earth metals -- The transition elements -- Complex ions and molecules: co-ordination compounds -- Colloids -- Nuclear chemistry -- Organic chemistry -- Appendix -- Index
Materia Química
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Autor secundario Mikel, Richard, il.