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Título Recent research developments in macromolecules research. Vol. 2 (1997) / Managing editor S. G. Pandalai

Publicación Trivandrum : Research Signpost, 1997
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 Ciencias.Física/Química-Química Orgánica  CLIP POL-18    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física 192 p. : il. ; 25 cm
Contiene: Dielectric relaxation under constant charge conditions / Ranko Richert and Hermann Wagner -- A potassium alkoxide-initiated polymerization of methacrylates possessing donating atom at β-position of the ester group- A new synthetic route for semitelechelic functional polymethacrylates / Yukio Nagasaki -- Transition metal -catalyzed diyne cycloaddition copolymerizations and related polymerizations / Tetsuo Tsuda -- Thermophysical properties of polymer crystals by molecular simulation / Daniel J. Lacks -- Recent developments toward a quantitative theory of polymer melts / Michael F. Herman and Biliana V. Panajotova -- Spectroscopic investigation of matrix-macromolecule interation: azo-dyes in hybrid polymers / A. Materny, N. Böhm and W. Kiefer -- Conformational properties of polysaccharide gellan gum in aqueous solution / Etsuyo Ogawa -- Hydroxy- functionalized mesogenic polyazomethines and metallomesogenic derivatives: design, synthesis and potential applications / Pilar Carrada, Luis Oriol, Milagros Pinol and José Luis Serrano -- The effect of thermal composition fluctuations on phase decomposition in polymer blands- an experimental study / D. Schwahn, G. Muller and H. Frielinghaus -- Polymers designed for UV- laser applications / Thomas Lippert, T. Kunz, C. Hahn and A. Wokaun -- Polymers and metals: nanocomposites and complex salts with metallic chain structure / Wilbert Heffels ... [et al.] -- Polymeric supports for immunoadsorption / Koichi Kato and Yoshito Ikada -- Modeling ordered bulk polymer phases and fabricating polymer-polymer molecular composites with polymer inclusion compounds / Lei Huang, Emily Allen and Alan Tonelli
Materia Macromoléculas
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Autor secundario Pandalai, S. G., ed. lit.
ISBN 8186481613