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245 00 Earth's oldest rocks|h[Recurso electrónico] /|cedited by 
       Martin J. Van Kranendonk, R. Hugh Smithies, Vickie C. 
250    1st ed. 
260    Amsterdam ;|aBoston :|bElsevier,|c2007. 
300    1 online resource (xxi, 1307 p. :|bill. (some col.), maps 
       (some col.)) 
440  0 Developments in Precambrian geology ;|v15 
500    Title from e-book title screen (viewed Sept. 8, 2008). 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 1117-1290) and 
505 0  Earth's Oldest Rocks -- Series: Developments in 
       Precambrian Geology -- Publisher: Elsevier -- Series 
       Editor: Kent Condie -- Edited by: Martin J. Van Kranendonk,
       R. Hugh Smithies, and Vickie Bennett -- Dedication -- 
       Preface -- 1. Aims, scope and outline of the book: Martin 
       J. Van Kranendonk, R. Hugh Smithies, and Vickie Bennett --
       Chapter 1: Introduction -- Chapter 2: Planetary Accretion 
       and the Hadean to Eoarchaean Earth - Building the 
       Foundation -- Chapter 3: Eoarchean Gneiss Complexes -- 
       Chapter 4: The Paleoarchean Pilbara Craton, Western 
       Australia -- Chapter 5: The Paleoarchean Kaapvaal Craton, 
       Southern Africa -- Chapter 6: Paleoarchean Gneiss Terranes
       -- Chapter 7: Life on Early Earth -- Chapter 8: Tectonics 
       on Early Earth. 
505 0  Overview and history of investigation of early earth rocks
       / Brian Windley -- The distribution of Paleoarchean crust 
       / Kent Condie -- The formation of the earth and moon / 
       Stuart Ross Taylor -- Early solar system materials, 
       processes, and chronology / Alex W.R. Bevan -- Dynamics of
       the Hadean and Archean mantle / Geoffrey F. Davies -- The 
       enigma of the terrestrial protocrust : evidence for its 
       former existence and the importance of its complete 
       disappearance / Balz S. Kamber -- The oldest terrestrial 
       mineral record : a review of 4400 to 4000 Ma detrital 
       zircons from Jack Hills, Western Australia / Aaron J. 
       Cavosie, John W. Valley and Simon A. Wilde -- Evidence of 
       pre-3100 Ma crust in the Youanmi and South West terranes, 
       and Eastern Goldfields superterrane, of the Yilgarn Craton
       / Stephen Wyche -- The early Archean Acasta gneiss complex
       : geological, geochronological and isotopic studies and 
       implications for early crustal evolution / Tsuyoshi Iizuka,
       Tsuyoshi Komiya and Shigenori Maruyama -- Ancient 
       Antarctica : the Archean of the East Antarctic shield / 
       Simon L. Harley and Nigel M. Kelly -- The Itsaq gneiss 
       complex of southern West Greenland and the construction of
       Eoarchean crust at convergent plate boundaries / Allen P. 
       Nutman ... [et al.] -- The geology of the 3.8 Ga 
       Nuvvuagittuq (Porpoise Cove) greenstone belt, northeastern
       Superior Province, Canada / Jonathan O'Neil ... [et al.] -
       - Eoarchean rocks and zircons in the North China Craton / 
       Dunyi Y. Liu ... [et al.] -- The Narryer terrane, Western 
       Australia : a review / Simon A. Wilde and Catherine 
       Spaggiari -- Paleoarchean development of a continental 
       nucleus : the East Pilbara terrane of the Pilbara Craton, 
       Western Australia / Martin J. Van Kranendonk ... [et al.] 
       -- The oldest well-preserved felsic volcanic rocks on 
       earth : geochemical clues to the early evolution of the 
       Pilbara Supergroup and implications for the growth of a 
       Paleoarchean protocontinent / R. Hugh Smithies, David C. 
       Champion and Martin J. Van Kranendonk -- Geochemistry of 
       Paleoarchean granites of the East Pilbara terrane, Pilbara
       Craton, Western Australia : implications for early Archean
       crustal growth / David C. Champion and R. Hugh Smithies --
       Palaeoarchaean mineral deposits of the Pilbara Craton : 
       genesis, tectonic environment and comparisons with younger
       deposits / David L. Huston ... [et al.] -- An overview of 
       the pre-Mesoarchean rocks of the Kaapvaal Craton, South 
       Africa / Marc Poujol -- The ancient gneiss complex of 
       Swaziland and environs : record of early Archean crustal 
       evolution in southern Africa / Alfred Kr�oner -- An
       overview of the geology of the Barberton greenstone belt 
       and vicinity : implications for early crustal development 
       / Donald R. Lowe and Gary R. Byerly -- Volcanology of the 
       Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa : inflation and 
       evolution of flow fields / Jesse C. Dann and Timothy L. 
       Grove -- Silicified basalts, bedded cherts and other sea 
       floor alteration phenomena of the 3.4 Ga Nondweni 
       greenstone belt, South Africa / Axel Hoffman and Allan H. 
       Wilson -- TTG plutons of the Barberton granitoid-
       greenstone terrain, South Africa / Jean-Fran�cois 
       Moyen ... [et al.] -- Metamorphism in the Barberton 
       granite greenstone terrain : a record of Paleoarchean 
       accretion / Gary Stevens and Jean-Fran�cois Moyen -
       - Tectono-metamorphic controls on Archaean gold 
       mineralization in the Barberton greenstone belt, South 
       Africa : an example from the New Consort gold mine / 
       Annika Dziggel ... [et al.] -- Paleoarchean gneisses in 
       the Minnesota River Valley and northern Michigan, USA / 
       Marion E. Bickford ... [et al.] -- The Assean Lake Complex
       : ancient crust at the northwestern margin of the Superior
       Craton, Manitoba, Canada / Christian O. B�ohm, 
       Russell P. Hartlaub and Larry M. Heaman -- Oldest rocks of
       the Wyoming Craton / Kevin R. Chamberlain and Paul A. 
       Mueller -- The oldest rock assemblages of the Siberian 
       Craton / Oleg M. Rosen and O.M. Turkina -- Searching for 
       earth's earliest life in southern West Greenland : history,
       current status, and future prospects / Martin J. 
       Whitehouse and Christopher M. Fedo -- A review of the 
       evidence for putative Paleoarchean life in the Pilbara 
       Craton, Western Australia / Martin J. Van Kranendonk -- 
       Stable carbon and sulphur isotope geochemistry of the ca. 
       3490 Ma Dresser Formation hydrothermal deposit, Pilbara 
       Craton, Western Australia / Yuichiro Ueno -- Organic 
       geochemistry of Archean carbonaceous cherts from the 
       Pilbara Craton, Western Australia / Craig P. Marshall -- 
       Sulphur on the early earth / Steven J. Mojzsis -- The 
       marine carbonate and chert isotope records and their 
       implications for tectonics, life and climate on the early 
       earth / Graham A. Shields -- Venus : a thin-lithosphere 
       analog for early earth? / Vickie L. Hansen -- The earliest
       subcontinental lithospheric mantle / W.L. Griffin and 
       Suzanne Y. O'Reilly -- Ancient to modern earth : the role 
       of mantle plumes in the making of continental crust / 
       Franco Pirajno -- Eo- to Mesoarchean terranes of the 
       Superior Province and their tectonic context / John A. 
       Percival -- Early Archean asteroid impacts on earth : 
       stratigraphic and isotopic age correlations and possible 
       geodynamic consequences / Andrew Glikson -- Tectonics of 
       early earth / Martin J. Van Kranendonk. 
650  0 Geology, Stratigraphic|yPrecambrian. 
650  0 Geodynamics. 
700 1  Van Kranendonk, Martin. 
700 1  Smithies, R. H. 
700 1  Bennett, Vickie C. 
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