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110 2  American Chemical Society.|bMeeting|n(205th.|d1993.
       |cDenver, Colo.) 
245 10 Diagnostic biosensor polymers :|bdeveloped from a 
       symposium sponsored by the Division of Industrial and 
       Engineering Chemistry, Inc., at the 205th National Meeting
       of the American Chemical Society, Denver, Colorado, March 
       28-April 2, 1993 /|c[editors] Arthur M. Usmani, Naim Akmal
264  1 Washington, DC :|bAmerican Chemical Society,|c1994 
300    XI, 330 p. :|bil. ;|c24 cm 
490 1  ACS symposium series,|xISSN 0097-6156 ;|v556 
504    Bibliografía por capítulos. -- Índices p. 318-330 
505 0  BIOESNSORS: Diagnostic Polymers and Coatings: Chemistry, 
       Technology, and Applications / Arthur M. Usmani -- Fiber-
       Optic Sensors Based on Degradable Polymers / Venetka Agayn
       and David R. Walt -- Enhancement of the Stability of Wired
       Quinoprotein Glucose Dehydrogenase Electrode / Ling Ye, 
       Ioanis Katakis, Wolfgang Schuhmann, Hanns-Ludwig Schmidt, 
       Johannis A. Duine, and Adam Heller -- Amperometric Glucose
       -Sensing Electrodes with the Use of Modified Enzymes / F. 
       Mizutani, S. Yabuki, and T. Katsura -- Electron-Transport 
       Rates in an Enzyme Electrode for Glucose / Nigel A. 
       Surridge, Eric R. Diebold, Julie Chang, and Gerold W. 
       Neudeck -- Sandwich-Type Amperometric Enzyme Electrodes 
       for Determination of Glucose / S. Mutlu, M. Mutlu, P. 
       Vadgama, and E. Pişkin -- Reproducible Electrodeposition 
       Technique for Immobilizing Glucose Oxidase and a 
       Differentially Permeable Outer-Membrane Material for Use 
       on a Miniature Implantable Glucose Sensor / K. W. Johnson,
       D. J. Allen, J. J. Mastrototaro, R. J. Morff, and R. S. 
       Nevin -- Thin-Layer Flow-Through Enzyme Immunosensor Based
       on Polycaprolactam Net / Lizhi Yin, Keli Xing, Hong Du, 
       Hui Miao, Xi Wang, and Yuanming Li ━ BIOSENSOR POLYMERS 
       AND MEMBRANES:  Conducting Polymers and Their Application 
       in Amperometric Biosensors / Wolfgang Schuhmann -- 
       Poly(ether amine quinone)s as Electron-Transfer Relay 
       Systems in Amperometric Glucose Sensors / Hsing Lin Lan, 
       T. Kaku, Hiroko I. Karan, and Yoshiyuki Okamoto -- Flow-
       Injection Analysis of Some Anionic Species Automated, 
       Miniaturized, Dual Working Electrode Potentiostat Using a 
       Poly(3-methylthiophene)-Modified Electrode / Elmo A. 
       Blubaugh, George Russell, Merril Racke, Dwight Blubaugh, 
       T. H. Ridgway, and H. B. Mark Jr. -- Characterization of 
       Stability of Modified Poly(vinyl chloride) Membranes for 
       Microfabricated Ion-Selective Electrode Arrays in 
       Biomedical Applications / Ernö Lindner, Vasile V. Cosofret
       , Tal M. Nahir, and Richard P. Buck -- Biosensors Based on
       Ultrathin Film Composite Membranes / Charles R. Martin, 
       Barbara Ballarin, Charles Brumlik, and Del R. Lawson -- 
       Viologen Derivative Containing Polysiloxane as an Electron
       -Transfer Mediator in Amperometric Glucose Sensors / 
       Hiroko I. Karan, Hsing Lin Lan, and Yoshiyuki Okamoto -- 
       Hydrogen Peroxide Electrodes Based on Electrical 
       Connection of Redox Centers of Various Peroxidases to 
       Electrodes through a Three-Dimensional Electron-Relaying 
       Polymer Network / Mark S. Vreeke and Adam Heller ━ 
       Polymer Application for Implantable Glucose Sensor / 
       Kazuhiko Ishihara, Nobuo Nakabayashi, Kenro Nishida, 
       Michiharu Sakakida, and Motoaki Shichiri -- 
       Biocompatibility of Perfluorosulfonic Acid Polymer 
       Membranes for Biosensor Applications / R. F. B. Turner and
       C. S. Sherwood -- Nondegradable and Biodegradable 
       Polymeric Particles Preparation and Some Selected 
       Biomedical Applications / E. Pişkin, A. Tuncel, A. Denizli
       , E. B. Denkbaş, H. Ayhan, H. Çiçek, and K. T. Xu -- 
       Semisynthetic Macromolecular Conjugates for Biomimetic 
       Sensors / Mizuo Maeda, Koji Nakano, and Makoto Takagi -- 
       Enzyme Immobilization on Polymerizable Phospholipid 
       Assemblies / Alok Singh, Michael A. Markowitz, Li-I Tsao, 
       and Jeffrey Deschamps -- Controlled Release from Liposomes
       of Long-Chain Polymerizable Diacetylenic Phosphocholine 
       and a Short-Chain Saturated Phospholipid / Michael A. 
       Markowitz, Eddie L. Chang, and Alok Singh ━ 
       of Glucose Oxidase on Polyethylene Film Using a Plasma-
       Induced Graft Copolymerization Process / Chee-Chan Wang 
       and Ging-Ho Hsiue -- Spatially Controlled On-Wafer and On-
       Chip Enzyme Immobilization Using Photochemical and 
       Electrochemical Techniques / David J. Strike, Albert van 
       den Berg, Nico F. de Rooij, and Milena Koudelka-Hep -- 
       Electrical Communication between Glucose Oxidase and 
       Electrodes Based on Poly(vinylimidazole) Complex of Bis(2,
       2′-bipyridine)-N,N′-dichloroosmium / Ravi Rajagopalan, 
       Timothy J. Ohara, and Adam Heller 
650 04 Biosensores|vCongresos 
650 04 Polímeros en medicina|vCongresos 
650 04 Polímeros|xBiotecnología|vCongresos 
700 1  Usmani, Arthur M.,|eed. lit. 
700 1  Akmal, Naim,|eed. lit. 
710 2  American Chemical Society.|bDivision of Industrial and 
       Engineering Chemistry 
830  0 ACS symposium series ;|v556 
927 0  310|bjc|d190306 
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