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Título Biosensors and chemical sensors : optimizing performance through polymeric materials / Peter G. Edelman, editor, Joseph Wang, editor

Publicación Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, 1992
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 Ciencias.Física/Química-Química Analítica  QA EDE bio    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física XI, 332 p. : il. ; 24 cm
Colección ACS symposium series ; 487
Nota "Developed from a symposium sponsored by the Divisions of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, and of Analytical Chemistry at the 201st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Atlanta, Georgia, April 14-19,1991."
Bibliografía Bibliografía por capítulos. -- Índices p. 322-332
Contiene: Overview of biosensors ━ Permselective membranes and immobilization for enzyme systems ━ Multienzyme sensors -- Biosensors based on entrapment of enzymes in a water-dispersed anionic polymer -- Electrochemical characterization of ferrocene derivatives in a perfluoropolymer glucose oxidase electrode -- Protein stabilization in biosensor systems -- Electrocatalytic oxidation of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide cofactor at chemically modified electrodes -- Preparation and characterization of active glucose oxidase immobilized to a plasma-polymerized film -- Role of polymeric materials in the fabrication of ion-selective electrodes and biosensors -- Electrical wiring of flavoenzymes with flexible redox polymers -- Permselective coatings for amperometric biosensing ━ Electropolymerized thin films ━ Polypyrrole film electrode incorporating glucose oxidase: electrochemical behavior, catalytic response to glucose, and selectivity to pharmaceutical drugs -- Analytical applications of the electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance -- Electrochemically prepared polyelectrolyte complex of polypyrrole and a flavin-containing polyanion: use as a biosensor -- Development of polymer membrane anion-selective electrodes based on molecular recognition principles -- Electropolymerized films for the construction of ultramicrobiosensors and electron-mediated amperometric biosensors ━ Polymer membranes on planar substrates ━ Molecular materials for the transduction of chemical information into electronic signals by chemical field-effect transistors -- Chemically sensitive microelectrochemical devices: new approaches to sensors -- Macro- to microelectrodes for in vivo cardiovascular measurements -- Polymeric matrix membrane field-effect transistors: sodium ion sensors for medical applications -- Polymeric membranes for miniature biosensors and chemical sensors -- Thick-film multilayer ion sensors for biomedical applications ━ Hydration-dependent polymer applicatios ━ Environmentally sensitive polymers as biosensors: the glucose-sensitive membrane -- Water and the ion-selective electrode membrane -- Swelling of a polymer membrane for use in a glucose biosensor -- Optical immunosensors using controlled-release polymers
Materia Biosensores -- Congresos
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Detectores químicos
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Membranas (Tecnología) -- Congresos
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Polímeros -- Congresos
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Autor secundario Edelman, Peter G., ed. lit.
Wang, Joseph, ed. lit.
American Chemical Society. Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering
American Chemical Society. Division of Analytical Chemistry
American Chemical Society. Meeting (201st. 1991. Atlanta, Ga.)
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Otro título Biosensors & chemical sensors : optimizing performance through polymeric materials
ISBN 0841222185