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245 00 Molecular genetics of mammalian cells /|cedited by Michael
       M. Gottesman 
260    San Diego [etc.] :|bAcademic Press,|c1987 
300    XXX, 609 p., [4] p. de lám. :|bil., fot. ;|c24 cm 
490 0  Methods in enzymology ;|v151 
504    Incluye referencias bibliográficas. -- Índices p. 567-609 
505 0  Chinese hamster ovary cells / Michael M Gottesman -- 
       Cultured S49 mouse T lymphoma cells / Theodoor van Daalen 
       Wetters, Philip Coffino -- Liver cell lines / G.J 
       Darlington -- HeLa cell lines / Shin-ichi Akiyama -- 
       Somatic cell genetic analysis of myelomas and hybridomas /
       Deborah French, Theresa Kelly, Susan Buhl, Matthew D 
       Scharff -- Mouse teratocarcinoma cells / Hedwig Jakob, 
       Jean-François Nicolas -- Amplification of genes in somatic
       mammalian cells /  Robert T Schimke, David S Roos, Peter C
       Brown -- Replica plating and detection of antigen variants
       / Susannah Gal -- Drug-resistant mutants: Selection and 
       dominance analysis / Michael M Gottesman -- Suicide 
       selection of mammalian cell mutants / David Patterson, 
       Charles A Waldren -- Use of tritium-labeled precursors to 
       select mutants / Jacques Pouysségur, Arlette Franchi -- 
       Construction of immunotoxins using Pseudomonas exotoxin A 
       / David J.P Fitzgerald -- Isolation of temperature-
       sensitive mutants / Joseph Hirschberg, Menashe Marcus -- 
       Fluorescence-activated cell sorting of hybrid and 
       transfected cells / Michael E Kamarck -- Isozyme 
       identification of chromosomes in interspecific somatic 
       cell hybrids / Michael J Siciliano, Billie F White -- 
       Principles of electrofusion and electropermeabilization / 
       Ulrich Zimmermann, Howard B Urnovitz -- Cell enucleation, 
       cybrids, reconstituted cells, and nuclear hybrids / Jerry 
       W Shay -- Toxin — antitoxin selection for isolating 
       heterokaryons and cell hybrids / Woodring E Wright -- 
       Chromosome sorting by flow cytometry / Marty Bartholdi, 
       Julie Meyne, Kevin Albright, Mary Luedemann, Evelyn 
       Campbell, Douglas Chritton, Larry L Deaven, L Scott Cram -
       - Methods for chromosome banding of human and experimental
       tumors in Vitro / Jeffrey M Trent, Floyd H Thompson -- In 
       situ hybridization of metaphase and prometaphase 
       chromosomes / Susan L Naylor, John R McGill, Bernhard U 
       Zabel -- Gene mapping with sorted chromosomes / Roger V 
       Lebo, Barry D Bruce -- Transfer and selective retention of
       single specific human chromosomes via microcell-mediated 
       chromosome transfer / Paul J Saxon, Eric J Stanbridge -- 
       Strategies for isolation of mutant genes / Michael M 
       Gottesman -- Use of in-gel DNA renaturation for detection 
       and cloning of amplified genes / Igor B Roninson -- 
       Detection and characterization of specific mRNA by 
       microinjection and complementation of mutant cells / Pin-
       Fang Lin, David B Brown, Pat Murphy, Masaru Yamaizumi, 
       Frank H Ruddle -- Use of the CAT reporter gene for 
       optimization of gene transfer into eukaryotic cells / C 
       Michael Fordis, Bruce H Howard -- Cosmid vector systems 
       for genomic DNA cloning / Mary McCormick, Max E Gottesman,
       George A Gaitanaris, Bruce H Howard -- Preparation of a 
       genomic cosmid library / Robert Fleischmann, Mary 
       McCormick, Bruce H Howard -- Colony screening of genomic 
       cosmid libraries / Bruce R Troen -- Rescue of genes 
       transferred from cosmid libraries / Yun-Fai Lau -- Phage-
       mediated transduction of cDNA expression libraries into 
       mammalian cells / Hiroto Okayama -- Sib selection / Mary 
       McCormick -- Repetitive cloning of mutant genes using 
       locus-specific sticky ends / Lawrence A Chasin, Adelaide M
       Carothers, Gail Urlaub -- Strategies for mapping and 
       cloning macroregions of mammalian genomes / Cassandra L 
       Smith, Simon K Lawrance, Gerald A Gillespie, Charles R 
       Cantor, Sherman M Weissman, Francis S Collins -- 
       Insertional mutagenesis to isolate genes / Stephen P Goff 
       -- Microcloning of mammalian metaphase chromosomes / Jan-
       Erik Edström, Rolf Kaiser, Dan Röhme -- Antisense RNA 
       inhibition of endogenous genes / J Timothy Stout, C Thomas
       Caskey -- In situ detection of transcription in 
       transfected cells using biotin-labeled molecular probes / 
       Gilbert H Smith -- RNA detection and localization in cells
       and tissue sections by in Situ hybridization of 35S-
       labeled RNA probes / Mary E Harper, Lisa M Marselle -- 
       Electrophoretic assay for DNA-binding proteins / Alexander
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650 04 Enzimología 
650 04 Mamíferos|xGenética 
650 04 Genética Molecular 
650 04 Citogenética 
650 04 Bioquímica|xTécnicas de laboratorio 
700 1  Gottesman, Michael M.,|eed. lit. 
773 0  |tMethods in enzymology.|xISSN 0076-6879 
856 41 |uhttps://www.sciencedirect.com/bookseries/methods-in-
       enzymology/vol/151/suppl/C|zAcceso a los abstracts 
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