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Autor Wiberg, Egon

Título Inorganic chemistry / founded by A. Holleman; continued by Egon Wilberg; first english edition by Nils Wilberg; translated by Mary Eagleson, William Brewer ; revised by Bernhard J. Aylett

Publicación San Diego [etc.] : Academic Press ; Berlin [etc.] : De Gruyter, cop. 2001
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 B. Ciencias. Física/Química-Depósito  ICMA 376    PRÉSTAMO LARGO  DISPONIBLE
 Ciencias.Física/Química-Química Inorgánica  QI 6.0-86    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
 Ciencias.Física/Química-Química Inorgánica  QI 6.0-91    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
 Ciencias.Física/Química-Química Inorgánica  QI 6.0-91B    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Edición 1st english ed. / [edited] by Nils Wiberg
Descripción física XXXIX, 1884 p. : il. ; 26 cm
Nota Precede al tít: Holleman-Wiberg
Contiene: Greek Alphabet -- Important Symbols -- Table II-V ━ PART A. Fundamentals of Chemistry. Hydrogen -- Elements and Compounds -- Atoms and Molecules -- The Periodic System of the Elements (Part 1) Comparative Summary of the Elements -- Atomic and Molecular Ions -- Atomic Structure -- Molecular Structure. The Chemical Bond, Part I -- Molecular Transformations. The Chemical Reaction, Part II -- Hydrogen and its Compounds ━ PART B. Main Group Elements -- Main Group Elements: The Periodic System (Part II), Comparative Overview -- Basic Molecular Chemistry -- The Noble Gases -- The Halogen Group -- The Chalcogen Group -- The Nitrogen Group -- The Carbon Group -- The Boron Group -- The Alkaline Earth Metal Group -- The Alkali Metal Group ━ PART C. Transition Elements -- Transition Elements (Outer Transition Metals); The Periodic System of the Elements (Part III) and a Comparative Overview of the Transition Elements -- Fundamentals of Complex Chemistry -- Some Fundamentals of Solid State Chemistry -- The Copper Group -- The Zinc Group -- The Scandium Group -- The Titanium Group -- The Vanadium Group -- The Chromium Group -- The Manganese Group -- The Iron Group -- The Cobalt Group -- The Nickel Group -- The Compounds of Transition Metals: A Comparative Review ━ PART D. Lanthanides and Actinides -- The Periodic System of the Elements (Part IV): Lanthanides and Actinides a Comparative Overview -- Fundamentals of Nuclear Chemistry -- The Lanthanides -- The Actinides ━ PART E. Appendix I. Numerical Tables -- II. SI Units -- III. Natural Nuclides -- IV. Radii of Atoms and Ions -- V. Bond Lengths (calc.) between Main-group Elements -- VI. Standard Potentials -- VII. Nobel Prizes for Chemistry and Physics
Nota Tít. original: Lehrbuch der anorganische Chemie
Traducción de la 34th German ed. (101st printing), 1995
Materia Química inorgánica
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Autor secundario Wiberg, Nils
Holleman, Arnold Frederick, 1859-1953. Lehrbuch der anorganische chemie
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OTRO TÍTULO Holleman-Wiberg inorganic chemistry
ISBN 0123526515