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245 00 Remote Sensing and Modeling Applications to Wildland Fires
       |h[electronic resource] /|cedited by John J. Qu, William 
       T. Sommers, Ruixin Yang, Allen R. Riebau. 
260  1 Berlin, Heidelberg :|bSpringer Berlin Heidelberg :
       |bImprint: Springer,|c2013. 
300    XVIII, 374 p.|bonline resource. 
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490 0  Springer eBooks.|aEarth and Environmental Science 
505 0  Research Needs and Programs -- Introduction of Wildland 
       Fires -- Introduction of Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP)
       -- Introduction of National Fire Plan -- Demographics 
       Trends in the Eastern US and the Wildland Urban Interface:
       Implications for Fire Management -- Fire Weather, Climate 
       and Air Quality for Eastern States -- A Review of Wildland
       Fire and Air Quality Management -- High-Resolution 
       Numerical Models for Smoke Transport in Plumes from 
       Wildland Fires -- Interaction between a Wildfire and a Sea
       -Breeze Front: Case Study and Idealized Numerical 
       Simulations -- Estimates of Wildland Fire Emissions -- The
       GOFC/GOLD Fire Mapping and Monitoring theme: assessment 
       and strategic plans -- Integrating remote sensing and 
       surface weather-derived models to monitor the phenology of
       the terrestrial biosphere -- Fire Fuel Mapping in the 
       National Park Service Northeast Region -- Remote Sensing 
       Applications on Wildland Fires in the Eastern United 
       States -- TBD -- Diurnal and Seasonal Cycles of Land Fires
       from TRMM Observations -- Fire Research in the New Jersey 
       Pine Barrens -- An Accuracy Assessment of NFDRS dead fuel 
       load estimates across North Caroliná鳠Piedmont and 
       Coastal Plain -- Numerical simulations of grassland fire 
       behavior from the LANL ́㠆IRETEC and NIST ́㠗FDS models --
       Physics-based Modeling of Wildland-urban Interface Fires -
       - Climate Change and Fire Impacts on Ecosystem Critical 
       Nitrogen Load -- Edge Effects on Fuel Loading and Fire 
       Spread in a Managed Northern Wisconsin Landscape -- The 
       Need for Data Integration to Achieve Forest Sustainability
       : Modeling and Assessing the Impacts of Wildland Fire on 
       Eastern Landscapes -- Fire spread regulated by weather, 
       landscape structure, and management in Wisconsin hardwoods
       and New Jersey Pinelands. 
520    Scientists and managers alike need timely, cost-effective,
       and technically appropriate fire-related information to 
       develop functional strategies for the diverse fire 
       communities. "Remote Sensing Modeling and Applications to 
       Wildland Fires" addresses wildland fire management needs 
       by presenting discussions that link ecology and the 
       physical sciences from local to regional levels, views on 
       integrated decision support data for policy and decision 
       makers, new technologies and techniques, and future 
       challenges and how remote sensing might help to address 
       them. While creating awareness of wildland fire management
       and rehabilitation issues, hands-on experience in applying
       remote sensing and simulation modeling is also shared. 
       This book will be a useful reference work for researchers,
       practitioners and graduate students in the fields of fire 
       science, remote sensing and modeling applications. 
       Professor John J. Qu works at the Department of Geography 
       and GeoInformation Science at George Mason University 
       (GMU), USA.  He is the Founder and Director of the 
       Environmental Science and Technology Center (ESTC) and 
       EastFIRE Lab at GMU. 
650  0 Earth sciences. 
650  0 Natural disasters. 
650 14 Earth Sciences. 
650 24 Natural Hazards. 
700 1  Qu, John J.,|eeditor. 
700 1  Sommers, William T.,|eeditor. 
700 1  Yang, Ruixin.,|eeditor. 
700 1  Riebau, Allen R.,|eeditor. 
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