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100 1  Wool, Richard P. 
245 10 Bio-based polymers and composites /|cRichard P. Wool, 
       Xiuzhi Susan Sun 
260    London:|bElsevier,|c2005 
300    620 p. ;|c22 cm 
505    Preface About the Authors 1. Overview of Plant Polymers: 
       Resources, Demands, and Sustainability 2. Plant Materials 
       Formation and Growth 3. Isolation and Processing of Plant 
       Materials 4. Polymers and Composite Resins from Plant Oils
       5. Composites and Foams from Plant Oil-Based Resins 6. 
       Fundamentals of Fracture in Bio-Based Polymers 7. 
       Properties of Triglyceride-Based Thermosets 8. Pressure-
       Sensitive Adhesives, Elastomers, and Coatings from Plant 
       Oil 9. Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Soy Proteins 
       10. Soy Protein Adhesives 11. Plastics Derived from Starch
       and Poly (Lactic Acids) 12. Bio-Based Composites from 
       Soybean Oil and Chicken Feathers 13. Hurricane-Resistant 
       Houses from Soybean Oil and Natural Fibers 14. Carbon 
       Nanotube Composites with Soybean Oil Resins 15. Nanoclay 
       Biocomposites 16. Lignin Polymers and Composites Index 
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