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Título Occupational therapies without borders : integrating justice with practice / edited by Dikaios Sakellariou, Nick Pollard

Publicación Edinburgh [etc.] : Elsevier, 2017
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
Edición 2nd ed.
Descripción física XXIX, 637 p. : il. ; 24 cm
Colección Occupational therapy essentials
Occupational therapy essentials
Contiene: Contiene: 1. Introduction / Dikaios Sakellariou, Nick Pollard -- 2. Occupational Justice: A Fine Balance For Occupational Therapists / Evelyne Durocher -- 3 Exploring Occupation Beyond The Individual: Family And Collective Occupation / Sarah Kantartzis -- 4. Conceptualizing Disability / Hannah Kuper, Jörg Günter Weber -- 5. The Impact Of Neoliberalism On Health And The Health System: The Case Of Chile / Elena Rotarou, Daniela Olivares -- 6. Austerity And The Rise Of Hostility Towards Marginalized Groups / Helen Claire Smith -- 7. Are We Really Making A Difference? Monitoring And Evaluation In Community Based Practice / Kerry Thomas, Susan Gilbert Hunt -- 8. Designing Participatory Action Research To Relocate Margins, Borders And Centres / Wendy Bryant, Anna Rachel Pettican, Simone Coetzee -- 9. Occupational Justice In Everyday Occupational Therapy Practice / Antoine L. Bailliard, Rebecca M. Aldrich -- 10. Owning Occupational Therapy Theories And Concepts: Wearing Your Own Coat! / Farzaneh Yazdani -- 11. Human Rights, Occupational Therapy And The Centrality Of Social Practices / Alejandro Guajardo, Margarita Mondaca -- 12. Appreciating The Lived Experience Of Some Older Gay People: Considerations For Contemporary Occupational Therapy Practice / Rebecca Twinley, Lee Price -- 13. Broadening Understandings Of Occupational Identity: Illustrations From A Research Study Of Homeless Adults / Miranda Cunningham -- 14. Leisure As A Route To Social And Occupational Justice For Individuals With Profound Levels Of Disability / Anne Fenech, Lesley Collier -- 15. In Our Own Hands And In The Eyes Of Others: The Emancipatory Imperative Of Occupational Witnessing For Belonging And Becoming / Tina Mcgrath -- 16. Return To Work Support For Breast Cancer Survivors: A Recently Qualified Occupational Therapists Journey Into Research / Jonathan Tigwell -- 17. Systematic Mapping Review Of Notions Of Justice In Occupational Therapy / Jyothi Gupta, Tracy Garber -- 18. The Participatory Occupational Justice Framework: Salience Across Contexts / Gail Whiteford, Elizabeth Townsend, Olive Bryanton, Alison Wicks, Robert Pereira -- 19. Cultivating A Human Rights Culture For Occupational Therapy / Danika Galvin, Clare Wilding -- 20. Occupational Therapy In A Glocalized World / Solangel Garcia-Ruiz -- 21. Our Professional Existence Is Political: Critical Reflections On Seeing White In Occupational Therapy / Lily Owens -- 22. Occupational Therapy Across South America: An Overview Of Its Backgrounds, Current Situation And Some Contemporary Issues / Vagner Dos Santos -- 23. Investigating Occupational Therapy: From Disability Studies To Ability Studies / Gregor Wolbring, Tsing-Yee (Emily) Chai -- 24. Living And Working As An Underground Occupational Therapist/Scientist In Los Angeles / Susan Saylor Stouffer -- 25. Occupational Science Informing Practice For Occupational Justice / Clare Hocking, Jenni Mace -- 26. Enabling Occupational Therapy Practice In Marginal Settings / Jennifer Creek -- 27. Social Occupational Therapy, Citizenship, Rights, And Policies: Connecting The Voices Of Collectives And Individuals / Roseli Esquerdo Lopes, Ana Paula Serrata Malfitano -- 28 The Impact Of Social And Political Contexts On The Development Of Occupational Therapy In The Republic Of Croatia / Sasa Radic ... -- 29. Utilizing a sustainable Community of Practice model to build best practice in wheelchair provision on the island of Ireland / Rosemary Joan Gowran ... -- 30. Human-centered dialogue involving a man with a severe speech impairment in Occupational Therapy education / Rick Stoddart ... -- 31. Occupation-based community development: confronting the politics of occupation / Roshan Galvaan ... -- 32. Culturally responsive care in Occupational Therapy: learning from other worldviews / Pamela Talero -- 33. Factors influencing the role of South African Occupational Therapists in the Occupational Therapy intervention design process / Pam Gretschel ... -- 34. Theoretical intersections: using Anthropology, Social Justice, and life course perspectives for addressing Occupational Justice / Amy Paul-Ward -- 35. The duty to age well: critical reflections on Occupational possibilities shaped through discursive and policy responses to population ageing / Debbie Laliberte Rudman -- 36. Freedom and rights in an age of austerity / Heather Bullen -- 37. Stories in times of crisis: refelctions from a professional development and support group in Greece / Maria Kouloumpi ... -- 38. The impact of the economic crisis on the daily life of people in Spain / Pablo A. Cantero Garlito ... -- 39. Promoting active citizenship against poverty through a participatory community intervention / Salvador Simó Algado, Jordi de San Eugenio, Xavier Ginesta
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Autor secundario Pollard, Nick, ed. lit.
Sakellariou, Dikaios, ed. lit.
ISBN 9780702059209