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245 04 The orbit method in geometry and physics :|bin honor of A.
       A. Kirillov /|cChristian Duval, Laurent Guieu, Valentin 
       Ovsienko, editors 
260    Boston :|bBirkhaüser,|cc2003 
300    XII, 472 p. ;|c24 cm 
490 0  Progress in mathematics ;|v213 
505 0  A principle of variations in representation theory  -- 
       Finite group actions on poisson algebras -- 
       Representations of quantum tori and G-bundles on elliptic 
       curves -- Dixmier algebras for classical complex nilpotent
       orbits via Kraft-procesi models I -- Gerbes of chiral 
       differ. operators. III -- Defining relations for the 
       exceptional superalgebras of vector fields -- Schur-Weyl 
       duality and representations of permutation groups -- 
       Quantiziation of hypersurface orbitla varieties in sln -- 
       Generalization of a theorem of Waldspurger to nice 
       representations -- Two more variations on the triangular 
       theme -- The generalized Cayley map from an algebraic 
       group to its Lie algebra -- Geometry of GLn(C) at infinity
       : Hinges, complete collineations, projective 
       compactifications, and universal boundary -- Point 
       processes related to the infinite symmetric group -- Some 
       toric manifolds and a path integral -- Projective Schur 
       functions as bispherical functions on certain homogeneous 
       superspaces -- Maximal subalgebras of the classical linear
       Lie superalgebras 
650 04 Método de las órbitas 
650 04 Lie, Álgebras de 
700 1  Kirillov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich 
700 1  Duval, Christian,|eed. lit. 
700 1  Guieu, Laurent,|eed. lit. 
700 1  Ovsienko, Valentin,|eed. lit. 
927 0  310|btm|d190118 
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