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100 1  Saravacos, George D. 
245 10 Food process engineering operations /|cby George D. 
       Saravacos, Zacharias B. Maroulis 
260    Boca Raton [Florida] :|bCRC Press,|ccop. 2011 
300    XXVII, 566 p. :|bil. ;|c25 cm 
490 0  Contemporary food engineering 
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520    Current textbooks on food process engineering cover mainly
       the traditional unit operations of fluid flow and heat 
       transfer, with less attention paid to mass transfer and 
       important mechanical processing operations. This textbook 
       provides needed balance with coverage of traditional unit 
       operations, using updated engineering properties and data 
       and simplified computer aided techniques. It discusses 
       mechanical processing and novel food processes such as 
       membrane separations and introduces elements of food 
       packaging operations, and food process design. It examines
       the effects of each process on the quality, safety, and 
       physical structure of food products 
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700 1  Maroulis, Zacharias B. 
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