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Autor Lunine, Jonathan Irving

Título Earth : evolution of a habitable world / Jonathan I. Lunine ; original illustrations by Cynthia J. Lunine

Publicación Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2000
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 B. Ciencias. Física/Química-Depósito  SL 1-200    PRÉSTAMO LARGO  DISPONIBLE
Edición 1st ed., repr.
Descripción física XIX, 319 p. : il. ; 28 cm
Contiene: PART I. THE ASTRONOMICAL PLANET: EARTH́S PLACE IN THE COSMOS -- 1. An introductory tour of Earth́s Cosmic neighborhood -- 2. Largest and smallest scales -- 3. Forces and energy -- 4. Fusion, fission, sunlight, and element formation -- PART II. THE MEASURABLE PLANET: TOOLS TO DISCERN THE HISTORY OF EARTH AND THE PLANETS -- 5. Determination of cosmic and terrestrial ages -- 6. Other uses of isotopes for Earth history -- 7. Relative age dating of cosmic and terrestrial events: The cratering record -- 8. Relative age dating of terrestrial events: Geologic layerig and geologic time -- 9. Plate tectonics: An introductin to the process -- PART III. THE HISTORICAL PLANET: EARTH AND SOLAR SYSTEM THROUGH TIME -- 10. Formation of the solar system -- 11. The hadean Earth -- 12. The Archean Eon and the origin of life I: Properties of and sites for life -- 13. The Archean Eon and the origin of life II: Mechanisms -- 14. The first greenhouse crisis: The faint early Sun -- 15. Climate histories of Mars and Venus, and the habitability of planets -- 16. Earth in transition: From the archean to the proterozoic -- 17. The oxygen revolution -- 18. The phanerozoic: Flowering and extinction of complex life -- 19. Climate change across the phanerozoic -- 20. Toward the age of humanking -- PART IV. THE ONCE AND FUTURE PLANET -- 21. Climate change over the past 100.000 years -- 22. Human-induced global warming -- 23. Limited resources: The human dilemma -- 24. Code: The once and future Earth -- Index
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Autor secundario Lunine, Cynthia J., il.
ISBN 9780521644235