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Título Cross-linked polymers : chemistry, properties, and applications : developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering at the 193rd meeting of the American Chemical Society, Denver, Colorado, April 5-10, 1987 / Ray A. Dickie, S. S. Labana, Ronald S. Bauer, editor

Publicación Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, 1988
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 Ciencias.Física/Química-Química Orgánica  CLIP POL-34    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física IX, 492 p. : il. ; 24 cm
Colección ACS symposium series, ISSN 0097-6156 ; 367
ACS symposium series ; 367
Bibliografía Bibliografía por capítulos. -- Índices p. 479-492
Contiene: Preface -- CROSS-LINKING, STRUCTURE, AND DEGRADATION: MOLECULAR ARCHITECTURE AND PROPERTIES -- Cross-linking and structure of polymer networks / Karel Dusek and William J. MacKnight -- Intramolecular reaction : effects on network formation and properties / R.F.T. Stepto -- Selective quenching of large-scale molecular motions by cross-linking in the strained state / Ole Kramer -- Rubber elasticity modulus of interpenetrating heteropolymer networks / Christos Tsenoglou -- Star-branched nylon 6 : effects of branching and cross-linking on polymer properties / Lon J. Mathias and Allison M. Sikes -- Network formation and degradation in urethane and melamine-formaldehyde cross-linked coatings / David R. Bauer -- Effect of ionizing radiation on an epoxy structural adhesive / Thomas W. Wilson, Raymond E. Fornes, Richard D. Gilbert, and Jasper D. Memory -- Frequency-dependent dielectric analysis : monitoring the chemistry and rheology of thermosets during cure / D. Kranbuehl, S. Delos, M. Hoff, L. Weller, P. Haverty, and J. Seeley -- Performance characteristics of the fluorescence optrode cure sensor / R.L. Levy and S.D. Schwab ━ DEFORMATION, FATIGUE, AND FRACTURE: MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF CROSS-LINKED POLYMERS -- Deformation kinetics of cross-linked polymers / T.S. Chow -- Plastic deformation in epoxy resins / S.M. Lee -- Fractoemission from epoxy and epoxy composites / J.T. Dickinson and A.S. Crasto -- Fatigue behavior of acrylic interpenetrating polymer networks / Tak Hur, John A. Manson, and Richard W. Hertzberg -- Properties of epoxy resins cured with ring-alkylated m-phenylene diamines / Robson F. Storey, Sudhakar Dantiki, and J. Patrick Adams -- Cross-linking of an epoxy with a mixed amine as a function of stoichiometry : dynamic mechanical spectroscopy studies / D. Wingard, W. Williams, K. Wolking, and C.L. Beatty -- Thermal stress development in thick epoxy coatings / D. King and J.P. Bell -- Recycling of cured epoxy resins / Conchita V. Tran-Bruni and Rudolph D. Deanin ━ HIGH-PERFORMANCE POLYMER NETWORKS -- Semiinterpenetrating networks based on triazine thermoset and N-alkylamide thermoplastics / J.A. Feldman and S.J. Huang -- Development of multiphase morphology in sequential interpenetrating polymer networks / J.H. An and L.H. Sperling -- Polyurethane-acrylic coatings : interpenetrating polymer networks / H.X. Xiao, K.C. Frisch, P.I. Kordomenos, and R.A. Ryntz -- Ionomer interpenetrating polymer network coatings from polyurethane and vinyl chloride copolymer / H.X. Xiao, K.C. Frisch, and S. Al-Khatib -- Liquid crystalline oligoester diols as thermoset coatings binders / Adel F. Dimian and Frank N. Jones -- Synthesis of cross-linkable heterogeneous oligoester diols by direct esterification with p-hydroxybenzoic acid : use in coatings binders / Daozhang Wang and Frank N. Jones -- Benzocyclobutene in polymer synthesis : novel cross-linking systems derived from a bisbenzocyclobutene and bismaleimides, dicyanates, and bisphenylacetylenes / Loon Seng Tan, Edward J. Soloski, and Fred E. Arnold -- Characterization of bisbenzocyclobutene high-temperature resin and bisbenzocyclobutene blended with a compatible bismaleimide resin / Lisa R. Denny, Ivan J. Goldfarb, and Michael P. Farr -- Carbon-13 NMR investigation of the oligomerization of bismaleimidodiphenyl methane with diallyl bisphenol A / Keith R. Carduner and Mohinder S. Chattha -- Characterization of cobalt(II) chloride-modified condensation polyimide films : properties before and after solvent extraction / J.D. Rancourt and L.T. Taylor -- Chain cross-linking photopolymerization of tetraethyleneglycol diacrylate : thermal and mechanical analysis / J.G. Kloosterboer and G.F.C.M. Lijten -- Structure and properties of polydimethacrylates : dental applications / D.T. Turner, Z.U. Haque, S. Kalachandra, and Thomas W. Wilson -- Monomer interaction : effects on polymer cure / Jose' A. Ors, Ivan M. Nunez, and L.A. Falanga -- Amide-blocked aldehyde-functional monomers : synthesis and chemistry / R.K. Pinschmidt, Jr., W.F. Burgoyne, D.D. Dixon, and J.E. Goldstein -- Amide-blocked aldehyde-functional monomers : cross-linkable substrate-reactive copolymers / R.K. Pinschmidt, Jr., G.E. Davidowich, W.F. Burgoyne, D.D. Dixon, and J.E. Goldstein
Materia Polímeros reticulados -- Congresos
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Redes de polímeros -- Congresos
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Autor secundario Dickie, R. A., ed. lit.
Labana, Santokh S., ed. lit.
Bauer, Ronald S., ed. lit.
American Chemical Society. Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering
American Chemical Society. Meeting (193rd. 1987. Denver, Colo.)
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ISBN 0841214719