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245 00 Network and System Security|h[electronic resource] :|b8th 
       International Conference, NSS 2014, Xi’an, China, October 
       15-17, 2014, Proceedings /|cedited by Man Ho Au, Barbara 
       Carminati, C.-C. Jay Kuo. 
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490 1  Lecture Notes in Computer Science,|x0302-9743 ;|v8792 
490 0  Springer eBooks.|aComputer Science 
505 0  Cloud Computing -- An Approach for the Automated Analysis 
       of Network Access Controls in Cloud Computing 
       Infrastructures -- Adopting Provenance-Based Access 
       Control in OpenStack Cloud IaaS -- Identity Privacy-
       Preserving Public Auditing with Dynamic Group for Secure 
       Mobile Cloud Storage -- A Formal Model for Isolation 
       Management in Cloud Infrastructure-asa- Service -- Access 
       Control -- Extending OpenStack Access Control with Domain 
       Trust -- Hierarchical Solution for Access Control and 
       Authentication in Software Defined Networks -- A Limited 
       Proxy Re-encryption with Keyword Search for Data Access 
       Control in Cloud Computing -- Network Security.-psOBJ: 
       Defending against Traffic Analysis with pseudo-Objects -- 
       Universally Composable Secure TNC Protocol Based on IF-T 
       Binding to TLS -- Revisiting Node Injection of P2P Botnet 
       -- On Addressing the Imbalance Problem: A Correlated KNN 
       Approach for Network Traffic Classification -- Security 
       Analysis -- Exploiting the Hard-Wired Vulnerabilities of 
       Newscast via Connectivity-Splitting Attack -- A Meet-in-
       the-Middle Attack on Round-Reduced mCrypton Using the 
       Differential Enumeration Technique -- Improving Impossible
       Differential Cryptanalysis with Concrete Investigation of 
       Key Scheduling Algorithm and Its Application to LBlock -- 
       Cryptanalysis on the Authenticated Cipher Sablier -- A 
       Stochastic Cyber-Attack Detection Scheme for Stochastic 
       Control Systems Based on Frequency-Domain Transformation 
       Technique -- Security Analysis and Improvement of 
       Femtocell Access Control -- Public Key Cryptography -- 
       Identity Based Threshold Ring Signature from Lattices -- 
       Identity-Based Transitive Signcryptio -- GO-ABE: Group-
       Oriented Attribute-Based Encryption -- Jhanwar-
       Baruá鳠Identity-Based Encryption Revisited -- Lightweight
       Universally Composable Adaptive Oblivious Transfer -- 
       Certificate-Based Conditional Proxy Re-Encryption -- A 
       Secure Obfuscator for Encrypted Blind Signature 
       Functionality -- Attribute-Based Signing Right Delegation 
       -- System Security -- Countering Ballot Stuffing and 
       Incorporating Eligibility Verifiability in Helios -- 
       iCryptoTracer: Dynamic Analysis on Misuse of Cryptography 
       Functions in iOS Applications -- Formal Verification of 
       Finite State Transactional Security Policy -- Privacy-
       Preserving Systems and Bio-metrics -- Fingerprint Indexing
       Based on Combination of Novel Minutiae Triplet Features --
       Privacy Preserving Biometrics-Based and User Centric 
       Authentication Protocol -- A Dynamic Matching Secret 
       Handshake Scheme without Random Oracles -- Formal Analysis
       of DAA-Related APIs in TPM 2.0 -- Key Management and 
       Distribution -- eCK Secure Single Round ID-Based 
       Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols with Master Perfect 
       Forward Secrecy -- Efficient Sub-/Inter-Group Key 
       Distribution for ad hoc Networks -- A Novel Hybrid Key 
       Revocation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Short 
       Papers -- Rational Secure Two-party Computation in Social 
       Cloud -- How to Evaluate Trust Using MMT -- A Proposed 
       Approach to Compound File Fragment Identification -- Geo-
       Social-RBAC: A Location-Based Socially Aware Access 
       Control Framework -- A New Approach to Executable File 
       Fragment Detection in Network Forensics -- Tighter 
       Security Bound of MIBS Block Cipher against Differential 
       Attack -- A New Multivariate Based Threshold Ring 
       Signature Scheme -- Capturing Android Malware Behaviour 
       Using System Flow Graph -- Evaluating Host-Based Anomaly 
       Detection Systems: Application of the Frequency-Based 
       Algorithms to ADFA-LD -- A New Public Key Encryption with 
       Equality Test -- A Probabilistic Algebraic Attack on the 
       Grain Family of Stream Ciphers -- Multi-domain Direct 
       Anonymous Attestation Scheme from Pairings. 
520    This book constitutes the proceedings of the 8th 
       International Conference on Network and System Security, 
       NSS 2014, held in Xi'an, China, in October 2014. The 35 
       revised full papers and 12 revised short papers presented 
       were carefully reviewed and selected from 155 initial 
       submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections 
       on cloud computing, access control, network security, 
       security analysis, public key cryptography, system 
       security, privacy-preserving systems and biometrics, and 
       key management and distribution. 
650  0 Computer science. 
650  0 Computer communication systems. 
650  0 Computer security. 
650  0 Data encryption (Computer science). 
650  0 Management information systems. 
650  0 E-commerce. 
650 14 Computer Science. 
650 24 Systems and Data Security. 
650 24 Computer Communication Networks. 
650 24 Data Encryption. 
650 24 Management of Computing and Information Systems. 
650 24 e-Commerce/e-business. 
700 1  Au, Man Ho.,|eeditor. 
700 1  Carminati, Barbara.,|eeditor. 
700 1  Kuo, C.-C. Jay.,|eeditor. 
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