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Autor Wenk, Hans-Rudolf

Título Minerals : their constitution and origin / Hans-Rudolf Wenk and Andrei Bulakh.

Publicación Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2004
Ubicación Signatura Tipo de préstamo Estado Notas
 B.Ciencias Geológicas-Sala  MIN 6    PRÉSTAMO LARGO  DISPONIBLE
 Ciencias.Geológicas-Despachos Cristalografía  CR MIN 135    CONSULTAR DEPT  DISPONIBLE
Descripción física XXII, 646 p. : il. col. ; 25 cm
Nota Índice
Bibliografía Bibliografía: p. 626-634
Contiene: PART I. STRUCTURAL FEATURES OF MINERALS : Subject and history of mineralogy -- Elements, bonding, simple structures and ionic radii -- The concept of a lattice and description of crystal structures -- Macroscopic symmetries: crystal morphology -- Crystal growth and aggregation -- Isomorphism, polymorphism and crystalline defects -- PART II. PHYSICAL INVESTIGATION OF MINERALs : Experimental approaches to crystal structures; X-ray diffraction -- Physical properties -- Optical properties -- Identification of minerals with the petrographic microscope -- Color -- Advanced analytical methods -- Mechanical properties and deformation -- PART III. VARIETY OF MINERALS AND MINERAL-FORMING PROCESSES : Classification and names of minerals -- Mineral identification of hand specimens -- Mineral genesis -- Stability of minerals; principles of thermodynamics -- Solid solutions -- PART IV. A SYSTEMATIC LOOK AT MINERAL GROUPS : Important information about silica minerals and feldspars -- Simple compounds; unusual occurrences -- Halides; Evaporite deposits -- Carbonates and other minerals with triangular anion groups; Sedimentary origins -- Phosphates, sulfates and related minerals; Apatite as a biogenic mineral -- Sulfides and related minerals; Hydrothermal processes -- Oxides and hydroxides; Review of ionic crystals -- Orthosilicates and ring silicates; Metamorphic mineral assemblages -- Sheet silicates; Weathering of silicate rocks -- Chain silicates; Discussion of some igneous and metamorphic processes -- Framework silicates; Zeolites and ion exchange properties of minerals -- PART V. APPLIED MINERALOGY : Metalliferous mineral deposits -- Gemstones -- Cement minerals -- Minerals and human health -- Mineral composition of the solar system -- Mineral composition of the earth
Materia Mineralogía
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Autor secundario Bulakh, Andrei
ISBN 0-521-82238-6 (hardback)
0-521-52958-1 (paperback)