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245 00 Cosmological constants :|bpapers in modern cosmology /
       |cedited by Jeremy Bernstein and Gerald Feinberg 
260    New York :|bColumbia University Press,|c1986 
300    IX, 328 p. :|bil. ;|c24 cm 
505 0  Sec. I. The expanding universe -- Cosmological 
       considerations on the general theory of relativity / A. 
       Einstein -- On Einstein's theory of gravitation, and its 
       astronomical consequences / W. de Sitter -- On the 
       curvature of space ; On the possibility of a world with 
       constant negative curvature / A. Friedmann -- Comments on 
       the work of A. Friedmann / A. Einstein -- On the 
       foundations of relativistic cosmology / H.P. Robertson -- 
       A relation between distance and radial velocity among 
       extra-galactic nebulae / E. Hubble -- A new determination 
       of the Hubble constant from globular clusters in M87 / A. 
       Sandage -- A homogeneous universe of constant mass and 
       increasing radius accounting for the radial velocity of 
       extra-galactic nebulae / G. Lemaitre -- An upper limit on 
       the neutrino rest mass / R. Cowsik and J. McClelland -- 
       Sec. II. Three degrees above zero -- The origin of 
       elements and the separation of galaxies / G. Gamow -- 
       Remarks on the evolution of the expanding universe / R. A.
       Alpher and R. C. Herman -- Cosmic black-body radiation / 
       R.H. Dicke ... [et al.] -- A measurement of excess antenna
       temperature at 4080 Mc/s / A.A. Penzias and R.W. Wilson --
       Measurement of the spectrum of the submillimeter cosmic 
       background / D.P. Woody ... [et al.] -- Sec. III. 
       Formation of the light elements -- Physical conditions in 
       the initial stages of the expanding universe / R. A. 
       Alpher, J. W. Follin, Jr. Robert C. Herman -- Primordial 
       helium abundance and the primordial fireball II / P.J. E. 
       Peebles -- Sec. IV. The very early universe -- Violation 
       of CP invariance, C asymmetry, and baryon asymmetry of the
       universe, / A.D. Sakharov -- Unified gauge theories and 
       the baryon number of the universe / M. Yoshimura -- Baryon
       number of the universe / S. Dimopoulos and Leonard 
       Susskind -- Cosmological production of baryons / S. 
       Weinberg -- Topology of cosmic domains and strings / T. 
       W.B. Kibble -- Cosmological production of superheavy 
       magnetic monopoles / J. P. Preskill -- Inflationary 
       universe : a possible solution to the horizon and flatness
       problems / A. H. Guth -- Cosmology for grand unified 
       theories with radiatively induced symmetry breaking / A. 
       Albecht and P. J. Steinhardt 
650 04 Cosmología  
650 04 Astrofísica 
700 1  Bernstein, Jeremy,|eed. lit. 
700 1  Feinberg, Gerald,|eed. lit. 
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